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These are just a few of the traits that customers look for when they find us. Our ISO 17025 accredited lab delivers these traits as well as reliable data in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in delivering what we promise, when we promise it. We know our customers need the most accurate data, in the fastest of times, for the fairest of prices and we deliver on those 3 ideals. This is why some of the biggest companies in the area choose us. Whether it is inspection of specialty gaging, a 1st article inspection project for incoming quality, a 30 piece capability study, delivery of a used CMM or any of the other products and services we can offer, we strive to achieve exactly what our customers demand.
Our team has been in and around the Quality lifestyle for many years. From owning other local laboratories, working as Quality Managers and Quality Engineers, and doing sales for Quality oriented businesses we have practically seen it all. We live for quality, we strive for excellence, we flourish in the difficult, and we welcome all challenges when it comes to Metrology. We relish the opportunity to find solutions to the most difficult of inspection projects.
Our experience in the Quality arena not only sets us apart from other labs in the inspection field, it enables us to offer our customers the highest level of service attainable. That is who we are, the Apex of the 3rd party inspection lab; highly Accurate, Trustworthy, very Precise and extremely Reliable. When our customers send us a project they know that is what they will receive.